Western Chapter States

Society of Wetland Scientists - Arizona


Less than one percent of Arizona’s landscape is comprised of wetlands. Since the late 1800s, streams and wetlands throughout Arizona have been modified or drained, resulting in the loss of more than one-third of the State’s original wetlands.

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California Society of Wetland Scientists


California’s wetlands have significant economic and environmental value, providing benefits such as water-quality maintenance, flood and erosion attenuation, prevention of saltwater intrusion, and wildlife habitat.

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Society of Wetland Scientists - Hawaii


Wetlands constitute less than three percent of the State, but they have had a major economic effect on Hawaiian society both before and after European contact. Wetlands are habitats for several species of birds and plants endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

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Society of Wetland Scientists - Nevada


Wetlands cover less than one percent of Nevada but are some of the most economically and ecologically valuable lands in the State. Benefits of wetlands include flood attenuation, bank stabilization, water-quality improvement, and fish and wildlife habitat.

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